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  • Switchgear Intelligent Control Device
  • SC 300 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 400 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 500 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 600 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 700 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 800 Switchgear Control Device
  • SC 900 Switchgear Control Device
  • Microprocessor Protection Device
  • CP 3000 Microprocessor Protection Device
  • Electrical Fire Detector
  • FM 200 Electrical Fire Detector
  • Intelligent Motor Protector
  • MPI Separated Motor Protector
  • MPI Integrated Motor Protector
  • LV Reactive Compensation Instrument
  • Wireless Temp. Measurement System >>
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Wireless Collecting & Transmitting Device
    WTS3000CT TransmitterWTS3000T Transmitter
  • Wireless Collecting & Display Device
    WTS 3000C Centralized Display DeviceWTS 3000R2 Data Display Meter
  • Power System Monitoring System Solution
  • Power Testing Equipment
  • Undergrounding Pipe Location
  • PD 2000 Underground Pipe & Cable Locator
  • Power Cable Fault Location >>
  • HV signal generator
  • Cable Fault Pre-location
    CD-730 Cable Fault Pre-locator
  • Cable Fault Pinpointing
    CD-830 Digital Power Cable Fault Pin-poin..
  • HV Signal Coupler
    CD-715 Cable Fault Multi-Impulse Coupler
  • Integrated Cable Fault Locator
    CD-8000 Remote Service Integrated Locator CD-1200 All-in-one Cable Fault Locator
  • EHV Cable Sheath Fault Location >>
  • Cable Sheath Fault Distance Locator
    CD-66 Cable Sheath Fault Distance Locator
  • Digital Step Voltage Pinpoint Fault Locator
    CD-86 Digital Step Voltage Pinpoint Fault ..
  • Overhead Line Grounding Fault Location
  • XJD-100 Overhead Line Grounding Fault Loca..
  • Overhead Line Fault Indicating System
  • Wireless Remote Real-time Monitoring Platf..
  • Overhead Line GPRS Terminal
  • Overhead Line Fault Indicator
  • TDR Cable Fault Location
  • CD-980 TDR Cable Fault Locator
  • CD-970 TDR Cable Fault Locator
  • CD-960 TDR Cable Fault Locator
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    Company Wit Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent digital power meter and power cable fault test equipment product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company focus on technological innovation, with a high-quality product development team, a number of national patents and the National Innovation Fund, won several national scientific and technological progress awards.
    Products with high precision, stable and reliable, electromag......[Detailed]

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    Coal SystemPower SystemOil SystemRailway System

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